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Virgil's story.

Overcoming Cancer Through Spirituality and Reiki My name is Virgil Anderson. Asbestos has been a part of my life for many years, both knowingly and unknowingly! For many years I breathed in the fibers almost daily. When I was diagnosed with mesothelioma I didn’t know where to turn. Eventually, I found help and started receiving treatment but what many people with cancer fail to consider, of course, is that there are alternative treatments out there! It’s hard to say whether these treatments cure ailments directly or not but they certainly help with mental state. They can reduce anxiety, fear and depression! Consider that having a hopeful outlook may positively affect your future prognosis. Reiki can certainly help with mental state! Mesothelioma can be a very difficult ailment to treat and state of mind can make all the difference! Chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments are well-known to cancer patients who're constantly looking for the newest solutions for their disease. Mesothelioma is a particular cancer that's difficult to treat, but there are some alternative health choices for patients. In fact, overcoming cancer is possible through spirituality and Reiki practices.

Reiki Basics According to Psych Central, Reiki is the process of transferring life-force energies between two people. While this concept sounds unusual, patients are reporting positive results after several sessions of this treatment. Cancer patients lay on a table as a caregiver holds their hands above the body. The professionals may even press against the skin in certain areas. This alternative treatment may tap into the electromagnetic energy that forms between two people close together. Regardless of the treatment's mechanism, patients emerge from the procedure with a clear mind and better physiology than before. The Power of the Mind A patient's mind can be the greatest gift or weapon against a developing cancer. Anxiety and stress force emergency-response hormones into the body, which leads to a weakened immune system. The cancer can develop more rapidly in these health cases. As patients use their minds for positive thinking through spirituality, the psyche and body find an equilibrium. The immune system doesn't have negative hormones running through the body so it has a chance to fight off the cancer. Although cancer can't be forced into remission with just the mind, it's still a powerful tool that can help a physical treatment move forward with positive results.

Developing Trust With a Caregiver A critical part of these alternative treatments is trust between the caregiver and patient. It's important to forge a bond through friendship and respect. Patients will feel calm and collected as they allow the professional to survey their bodies. Treatment experts might focus in on one body part that's known to be severely affected by the cancer. By sharing information with the caregiver, the patient benefits with a more thorough procedure. Patients will normally return to the caregiver several times a month so this friendship plays an important role.

Possible Chemical Influences When a patient feels good about themselves, positive hormones spread throughout the body. This phenomenon is known among scientists, and it's possible that chemical influences also occur during these treatment sessions, states the International Center for Reiki Training. As caregivers pass their hands across the body, the mind notices the changes in air pressure and touch through skin receptors. In response, good hormones are released from the glands. These hormones can possibly impact cancer tumors, which slowly breaks them down. Scientists are still narrowing down the chemical pathways, but strong spirituality and alternative procedures seem to be leading the way.

The facts surrounding mesothelioma are clear because several decades of research have been dedicated to this asbestos-based disease. Confronting a diagnosis with proactive solutions is the only way to set a patient on a healthy pathway. In the end, the cancer can break down and go into remission in patients who try alternative means to survive. A stable mental state is certainly the key to healing ourselves. It's something that we must learn, unfortunately, as it is not an innate belief. But we can teach ourselves and we can also teach others. There will always be opposition to medicine that isn't drug based but we can overcome these beliefs if we approach it the correct way!

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