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Reiki - Energy Healing demystified.

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There are tons of different opinions about what Energy Healing is and many of them are very far from truth. As our human nature has it, we form our opinions based on our own experiences, or what we hear from credible sources. Some of those sources may be misleading and this article is meant to give you answers, based on first hand experiences of Reiki practitioner.

Q1: What is Energy Healing?

A1: Energy Healing is just a term used for many forms of Complementary Therapies. They are meant to rise our human consciousness and help us make a transition from a victim mentality to an awareness that we are creators. From the self-centered lives and separation from everything that surrounds us, to understanding that we are all connected. In addition to the change in our mentality we receive benefits on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Some of those therapies are: Energy Medicine, Reiki, Healing Touch, Reflexology, and Craniosacral Therapy. They involve placing hands by the practitioner on the specific points of the body of the client. Those spots are crucial for balancing personal energy field.

Energy Healing works on the premises that everything in us and around us is infused with “subtle” energy called Life Force. This Life-Force is known by a variety of terms in different traditions around the world. In traditional Chinese medicine it is called Qi, in the Judeo-Christian tradition it is called Spirit, and in Ayurvedic medicine it is named Prana. Everything, from physical objects to our psychological processes (thoughts, emotions and beliefs) is an expression of Energy. In addition, Energy vibrates with a specific speed, called Frequency. So, each of us has our own frequency signature, and the higher it is, the better our life experiences, our health, and our wellness.

Those therapies are meant to keep the overall flow and balance of our vital life-force energy, which in turn guarantees our health and wellness. There are many energy channels flowing thru our bodies. We also identify 7 main energy “intersections” known as Chakras. Chakras are the energy powerhouses, meant to supply the vital energy to our bodies. They are responsible for the exchange of our energy with our surroundings. Each chakra governs specific glands and organs in our physical body. Whenever those channels get clogged by the stagnant energy blocks, we experience imbalances on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

[Dr. David R. Hawkins MD, PhD, renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, spiritual teacher and lecturer in his book “Power vs Force” used kinesiology, findings from quantum physics, and nonlinear dynamics to map out our consciousness, and came up with a scale of our human emotions, giving us an idea, which ones are vibrating at the highest frequency levels. At the bottom is the chart he created.]

Q2: How do energy blocks form?

A2: Every time we are in a situation that has a deep negative emotional impact on us, those events are imprinted in our energy centres – Chakras. Those traumas form a low vibrational field that slows down our energy flow. We can compare them to the tree logs or rock boulders being placed into a stream of water. When we have negative beliefs about ourselves or constantly experience low vibrational emotions (like fear, grief, anger, shame, blame, or judgement) they also form “blocks” in our energy filed. Negative, repeated thoughts form system of limiting beliefs that stay in our subconscious mind and work as triggers. Those triggers generate our reactions in similar situations, which create patterns of our behaviour. And the circle is formed. Another way to explain it is analogy to an injury and the muscles’ memory. Your physio-therapist works to restore your muscles to the state from before the injury. The same is with energy. Those low vibrational emotions are “etched” into our Chakras and stay there until we remove them.

Q3: If we know what upsets us can we not let go of those feelings before they form as energy “blocks”?

A3: Based on my experience I noticed that majority of energy “blocks” form in our Chakras when we were kids and experienced emotional traumas. For example, when a child is neglected by his mother during the young age that child accepts a belief: “I do not matter” as a fact of his life. The child does not rationalize if the situation he experiences was right or wrong. He forms a belief in his subconscious mind that makes sense at that time, accepting it as his truth. The negative emotions associated with the fact that mother does not care for a child is imprinted in his energy field and affects the rest of his life. In majority of such cases we don’t even realize that we have those beliefs. Another example would be hearing negative statements about ourselves made by family members when we were kids. If we were constantly called “being lazy” most likely we formed a limiting belief about that. Later, when time comes that we need to finish a project by a certain due date, we either procrastinate or sabotage ourselves. Living up to this “truth”, which obviously is just a lie. However, it keeps holding us back despite our good intentions, when we don’t realize that we have the limiting belief.

Q4: How do you know what is imprinted in other people’s Chakras?

A4: I was always sensitive to energy. Since I was a child, I could feel other people’ pain and I had a gift of knowing things. 25 years ago, when my mom passed away, I started having experiences with Spirit. They could not be explained without accepting the fact that there is more to life than what we can see or touch. Few years ago, I had a profound experience during the energy session with 10 other healers, which completely changed my life and amplified my Claircognizance. (You can read about it in my article: “Spirituality – Embrace Your Divine Self”). Since I got certified in Reiki those gifts only got stronger and I know about things and feel physical pain caused by the things that my clients hold onto.

To give you an example how powerful those “imprints” are I’ll tell you about the session that I had few years ago with a person who read my article and got so intrigued that she called me to schedule a session. She never had Reiki before and she did not know what to expect. I told her what people can feel during the session and what she should do to allow this experience to be the most powerful and for her highest good. I did not know that person or anything about her. This was the first time we met. During the session, when I was balancing her Solar Plexus Chakra, I felt an overwhelming feeling that she was abused as a child at the age of 5. This feeling was so strong that it made me nauseous and I felt like I’m going to be sick to my stomach. I knew that I had to bring it up during our conversation after the session. It was not an easy topic to discuss, especially when you see a person first time in your life. However, I knew that there was a reason why this memory was shown to me. I addressed it exactly like I felt it, explaining how it could affect her life until the present time. For a moment she did not say a word. Later, she told me that she had very traumatic experience at this age. She also told me that she always had severe issues with her stomach (felt queasy most of the time) and felt like she had no power or any control over her life. Which would be exactly how the blocked Solar Plexus chakra would affect the digestive track and personal power areas of our life.

This was just one of many examples I can offer. There are many more that prove how powerful Energy is and how connected we all are.

Q5: If Reiki is so accurate in identifying emotions that cause “blockages” in our field, how are they removed?

A5: Reiki practitioner receives several atunments, which allow him to connect to the Source of All Energy. (I call it Divine Energy). The Source Energy has a very high frequency and once it moves into the body of a person receiving Reiki, it balances the entire energy field of a recipient. It simply transmutes those lower vibrational blockages and equalizes entire energy field of that person. We could explain it using an example of a science experiment when we connect two containers filled with different amount of liquid. Once we join those two containers the liquid will equalize, and both containers will show the same amount of liquid afterwards. It’s not a theory. It’s a fact.

Q6: Why doesn’t more people use Reiki to improve their lives?

A6: This question has multiple answers. First of all, we need to understand that we live in a 3-dimensional reality and in a world of dualities. Even though there are some studies that work on understanding the complexity of energy and multidimensional fields of energy, we are still not able to fully explain it. Some geniuses of scientific world like Albert Einstein or Nicola Tesla already discovered, at the beginning of 20th century, that everything is Energy. There are experiments being done by NASA and other science Centres that work on defining Zero Point Energy, which could revolutionize not only our space travel, but also end our entire energy crisis on a global arena. If you are a science buff you could search for some explanations in quantum mechanics and quantum physics. All I can say is that we still have not made a connection between physical and spiritual.

The other factor is our upbringing and how our society works. We are conditioned to seek acceptance. As kids we want to please our parents, because that gives us love and sense of security. As we get older we want to get accepted by peers or colleagues, as it shows us that we belong. Even when the group is doing something utterly stupid we still follow, because we don’t want to be the outcasts. I know many people who are highly sensitive & who feel energy, but they will not admit it to others for a fear of being made fun of or being called “weird”. People are afraid to share their spiritual experiences for many reasons. For a long time, our feminine spiritual energies were suppressed and discredited. And it takes more than just having guts to be open about it.

I can bring meditation or yoga as an example. 40 years ago, when we started to hear about it in our Western World if anyone wanted to learn what it is or how to practice it, we had to go to a Buddhist temple in Tibet or Ashram in India. Nowadays, there are spiritual centres in every neighbourhood all over the world. Mainstream Western research (*) also verified that people who meditate lower their heart rate and produce increased brain waves that eliminate stress. So, we know that meditating has many proven health benefits. If you ask people around you, majority of them use one of many forms of meditation daily, which was seriously questioned and discredited back in the day.

(*) Dr. Herbert Benson, from Harvard Medical School, published “The relaxation response” and founded Mind/Body Medical Institute to continue studies of benefits of meditation on biological functions of our bodies.

I also believe that we have a mindset that keeps us living in fear. It has been ingrained into our collective consciousness that we have to be worthy of good things, that we need to be perfect to receive, that we have to work hard for everything. Those paradigms run our belief system and it’s a real challenge to think outside of them. And, the fact the we would need to CHANGE is a big issue, as we don’t like change. Even if our life is a misery it is familiar to us and we rather have that, than risk a change.

Plus, the description of the term Energy Healing indicates to some that there is something wrong with us. When in fact, we simply need to restore our body’s natural balance, so it can do what it knows best – heal itself from the inside out.

On a flip side, there are many medical centres who use Reiki in their facilities to help patients lower anxiety, reduce pain, speed up recovery after surgeries, enhance immune system, reduce side effects of chemotherapy, treat PTSD symptoms, or treat depression. Some medical facilities using Reiki are:

· The Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, AB, Canada

· California Pacific Medical Centre, CA, USA

· University College London Hospital, London, England

· Section of Cardiology Department of Internal Medicine at Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA

· Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, Boston. MA, USA

· New York Presbyterian Hospital, NY, USA

· Duke Integrative Medicine, North Carolina, USA

Those are just a few places that professionals see value in administering Energy Healing along the traditional Western Medicine. I believe that in a near future we will be wondering why it took us so long to include it into our regular preventative treatments.

Q7: What if I don’t believe in Energy and I am not a “spiritual” person?

A7: Our beliefs have nothing to do with universal laws. Just because we cannot see gravity it does not mean that a person who will climb to the top of a building and jumps off it, is going to float in the air. This person is going to fall to the ground regardless of his belief. Just like an apple falls off a tree.

We do not have to believe in it for it to work. However, there is one condition that needs to be mentioned. Person receiving Reiki has to be open to it. Because we are beings with free will, we have a choice of accepting it or not. And as long as we are consciously making this decision and allow for it to flow to us, the beliefs are not important. Reiki is spiritual in nature. It connects us to the Source of All Energy and with time it opens us to our own inner wisdom. But there is nothing religious about it and NO beliefs are necessary for it to work.

Q8: Are the other forms of Energy healing as powerful?

A8: Not every person who has throat issues will need surgery. There are many ways to address different cases. We are all different. Just because one thing works for others doesn’t mean that it will have the same effect on all of us. I usually tell people to give it a try and see for themselves how that feels. If your overall body-mind-spirit ecosystem is in balance you may need some gentle yoga practise to keep maintaining that balance. If you have physical conditions that do not go away even when treated by addressing the symptoms by western medicine, then by all means, try energy therapies! I can only speak of Reiki, as that’s where all my experiences are the most powerful. But you should not make that decision based on someone else’s opinion. Listen to your inner wisdom and do what resonates with you the most!

Q9: How can I justify spending money on something that does not guarantee any results for me?

A9: Taking care of your Spiritual hygiene is more like brushing your teeth. You need to do it on daily basis to see the long-term results. You would not ask that question if after 30, 40, or 50 years of NOT brushing, flossing, and rinsing, you were told by the dentist that your dental bill is going to be 5k, otherwise you were going to lose all of your teeth and have a heart attack.

Our being is a combination of physical, emotional, and spiritual components that are all managed by energy. Neglecting one of those vital parts is going to have an effect on the rest. And that will affect our entire wellbeing and health. It’s only you who can answer the question: “What is it worth to you to have a positive, joyful, healthy, balanced life?” Changing the negative effects of neglect is like New Years resolutions - they fail the minute we are not seeing the results fast enough.

My question to you would be: “Would it be worth having life free of anxiety, depression, and suffering? What price tag would you put on that?” We are the creators of our own life and we are that boss who has a saying when enough is enough. When we are finally ready to make a change and end the lifetime of suffering and compromising of our wholeness and joy of our existence. You justify if that’s something you are worth of. You know when you are ready for new experience in your life.

Q10: Why did you get into Energy Healing/ Reiki?

A10: All my life I knew that I will be involved in some sort of healing. I never had any idea what it is going to be. I was always waiting for something profound to happen to me that would “give me” that gift. And when I had my experience with Spirit few years ago (you can read about it in my article: “Spirituality – Embrace Your Divine Self”), I realized that I had this gift in me all my life. I just needed to start looking within and believe that it is a valid asset, which can make a huge impact in other people’s lives.

We all have a gift that is dormant within us. It’s waiting to be discovered and be let out of its cage – fear. Once we embrace who we are and accept that we can make that difference and help others, it’s not even a question why you are doing it. You have to share your story with others and help them see how amazing they are. It becomes your mission to help others experience the life without fear, judgement, suffering, and struggle. It does not mean that my life is all the time as easy as walk in the park. It means that I have strength within me that helps me deal with everything that is coming my way. That strength is called self-compassion and self-love. It is called connection to the deepest and most powerful force in the entire universe – Divine Love, that brings miracles where we cannot even see the light in the tunnel. It’s the power behind everything constructive and inspiring that happens around us. And it is in all of us. We just need to allow it to shine through many layers of our false and limiting beliefs! And Reiki has helped me to understand it and see first hand how it can manifest abundance in our lives. As abundance is nothing else just allowing ourselves to believe that we are worthy of having what we desire in order to receive it.

“Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous new year by believing. Believe in yourself. And believe that there is a loving Source - a Sower of Dreams - just waiting to be asked to help you make your dreams come true.” ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

I wish All a Happy and prosperous New Year,

with Love and Blessings,


David R. Hawkins – Consciousness Scale

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