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Why are we here - life in review.

In some way, suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning” ~ Victor E. Frankl

“Some men see things as they are and say: WHY? Others dream things that never were and say: WHY NOT?” ~George Bernard Shaw

When I turned 50 my older child asked me how does it feel to be a half of a century old. At that moment, it dawned on me that age was always just a number to me, and it really never meant anything else. Some could say that I’m very strong minded, or as my husband puts it, I’m stubborn. And that makes me laugh, because this is exactly what sums up our society. We got so used to labeling everything and everyone, it really is unprecedented when we encounter someone who does not allow others to box him/her into a stereotypical category.

I love social media for many reasons. You can get connected with a half of a world’s population by one click of a button. You have a chance to learn about people’s political views, food preferences. You can see what they are passionate about or what they hate. But most of all we can see how others categorize everything and everyone. How we create stereotypes.

Recently I came across the generational description according to which I belong to Generation X. There were some interesting comparisons and descriptions of Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials in there. And if I didn’t know better I would think that person who came up with this chart didn’t have any parents or any kids. It’s interesting how those “labeling skills” are ingrained in us since elementary school. And I wouldn’t really mind being categorized if it wasn’t a total b.s., where everyone is brushed by the same paintbrush. For example, Baby Boomers apparently are NOT adaptable, Gen X has NO interest in advancement, and Millennials ARE demanding and lazy. Wow! I know, I know. There would be some people who would fit into those descriptions, but still I find it really insulting! Besides the fact that each generation comes to the table with different experience, different conditions they grew up in, different expectations, and different values, we need to take a look at where we are heading. Because regardless of the category we are supposed to belong to, we have created a society with colossal number of people who suffer in silence because of those labels.

I never really knew how many people accept some form of emotional or mental pain, as the part of their “normal” life, until I started seeing people for Reiki sessions. But I would not be too far off if I said that we have an epidemic of those who are afraid to share their true feelings (even with their partners), because they know that they would be judged or not accepted, if they spoke about their fears, pain, anger (which is a result of underlying fear), etc. It simply is mind blowing how many people lives with pain and anxiety, because we love to label everyone, and what’s worse – the majority of our heart ache comes from interactions with our closest family. So, we rather put up a brave face or sweep things under the rug, pretending that everything is perfect until we no longer can play that “game” and our façade crumbles.

I said it many times before that we are not meant to suffer. However, sometimes it’s difficult to take it seriously, especially looking at the number of those who live in or with pain. So, what’s the deal here? How is it even relevant? Well, we are coming to a point of “labeling” each other and how this impacts our lives. And it’s a bit like that: when you anticipate that someone will live according to your standards and expectations, and you pressure them to comply, they will either give in and live unhappy lives, where they follow your agenda in fear of being rejected/not loved/excluded, or they will totally rebel and go against your will, living in shame/guilt/blame. In each case that person is dealing with negative emotions that in a long run lead to some form of emotional/mental pain or physical illness as the result.

The solution to this problem would be very simple. Instead of letting our ego drive us, we could allow our heart lead the way! We could support our children in following their dreams, instead putting fears into them. We could teach them how to follow their passion and creativity, encourage them to stick with their gut feelings, or inspire them to step out of the box and walk their own path.

In reality, majority of the people are NOT happy in life. They give away their personal power to someone who tells them how to live, who to become, and how to get there. They aren’t living their “dream life” and frustration, pressure, resentment add up to their stress. Which with time turn into emotional pain, anger, resignation, depression, or some physical dis-ease. I agree that walking the unbeaten path can be scary, but “where is the will, there is a way”. And following your passion liberates you from regret and so many more negative feelings. I seriously rather be labeled as weird, and live the life that I’m passionate about (one that inspires me) than conform to someone else’s vision of what my life should look like. This is liberating, amazing, and it brings me gratitude, for having the opportunity to live the life that aligns with my soul’s purpose. It beats all fear, pain and frustration, hands down.

Mavericks are people who dream BIG and make things happen, despite difficulties or other circumstances. They are willing to stand their ground and follow what is dear to their heart. They are not afraid to fail and learn from it. They don’t make excuses. They see opportunities in each challenge, and their determination is inspiring. I strongly recommend that you dig deep down into your soul and unearth your true desires, step outside the box, and move towards your new life of liberation from pain and misery.

Start with reprogramming your “inner” self and don’t be afraid to shine your Light. Once you let it shine bright you will see your true and authentic path illuminated like the landing strip at the airport. You will be guided and will find that you only need your OWN permission to be happy, abundant, and prosperous. Dream of impossible and follow your passion. Stay strong in your truth and the Light will guide you to the tallest mountaintop, where you will see the entire world at your feet. Look at your life and don’t let the promise of happiness arriving “someday” fool you. Because that “someday” never comes, unless you make a step towards it. Commit to becoming a better version of you, and see what I mean when I say that we are not meant to suffer. There is so much more to life than its speed. And there is more to life than meets the eye, but our happiness is entirely in our hands.

I’m pretty sure that there will be many who will read those words and think that they do not have it in them to follow their heart, or that they are too old, too young, they don’t have the funds, they don’t know how, etc. But I can assure you that all you need is already in you. You have what it takes and you have the strength, and knowing. Your Soul is the one that has everything imprinted on it and knows. The main deal is to open it up to allow it to surface, and listen to it. For that you need to “find” your heart. Remove all the rubble that covers it, release all the layers of pain and traumas, balance what’s coming in and out of it. It’s not an easy job, because the healing starts with bringing what hurts to the top, acknowledging it and allowing it to go. And sometimes we poke into the areas of our life that we hide from ourselves, from view, from re-experiencing the pain. But that’s where I find Reiki being the most effective. It transmutes those painful memories without traumatizing you all over again.

And if you read this article and think that you are too old to uproot your whole lifestyle and embark on a soul-searching journey at this point, that’s perfectly fine. Just remember what used to bring you joy when you were full of vigor, dreams, desires, and passion, and make time to experience it again, at the pace and speed that’s comfortable for you. It’s never too late to bring those moments of joy back into your life. And trust me, you’re never too old to have fun either. I find that many people who are retired still have the longing for joy, happiness, and tasting the life’s sweetness imprinted in their sacral chakra. And even if you are not admitting it to yourself, your energy doesn’t lie about it. It will be there, giving you the feeling that something is still missing in your life, until you allow it and make it happen.

For those who decide not to take any action to make their life happier and joyful, please find it in your heart to support your children and grandchildren in search for their own happiness. Even if they are attempting to do things that are contrary to your “better judgement”, based on the economy, or politics, please don’t rain on their parade with negativity. Do not plant doubt in their mind that they will fail, because you don’t think they have what it takes. Please master the skill of being genuinely happy for them and encourage them to try harder. Do it for your kids, grandkids, total strangers. And you will find that this one small effort can bring happiness into your life. Because there is no better feeling then seeing someone who is on the fence, to light up from inside out when they hear positive and encouraging words. This, in itself, can help you transform your own life.

It’s not a surprise that we are expecting some complicated and rigorous routines that need to be followed, however some of the solutions that can heal our heart are very simple, and they actually work best. As long as you stick with them, and do it everyday you will see the change slowly coming into your life.

For those who would like to receive a “Healing Heart Chakra Program” for FREE, please go to my website ( and contact me with the request for it.

Stay well and never give up on your dreams, joy, or happiness. They are not an illusion, and they are available to you. All you need to do is take action.

“The distance between your dreams and reality is called ACTION” ~Unknown

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway” ~ Earl Nightingale.

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them” ~ Albert Einstein

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