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Whose fault is it anyway?

Enlightenment cannot be anything else other than entertainment … universal entertainment, a laughter that knows no bonds, no limits.” ~ Osho

Many of us experience the vibrational discord between our current circumstances and our dreams and desires, which seem to be so far out of our reach that we are getting frustrated with our lives. We feel overworked, overstressed, overwhelmed and no matter what we do, there is no break that could give us a boost to deal with all of it. There is a lot going on in our lives and it feels like everything is happening in a fast-forward mode. At times, it is difficult to keep it all together and several questions come to mind. What the heck is going on? Why is everything getting so convoluted and complicated? What is happening? What’s the scoop here?

Perhaps you noticed a word “vibrational” discord in a first sentence. I used it on purpose, because we still don’t make a connection between our reality and our ENERGY field. Quantum physics and quantum mechanics started exploring our world and its surroundings, trying to understand how the Universe works, and those two sciences came to an understanding that everything in the entire Universe is made up of Energy. For 100 years now they try to bring to our attention that solidity is an illusion, and show us that all matter is an energy resonating at it’s specific frequency, influencing one another constantly. Niels Bohr, a Danish physicist who made foundational contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum theory, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922 said: “Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real. If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.” In simple words, all that we perceive as matter is made out of energy.

For some of us it is still too far-fetched concept. Not because it completely opens new possibilities in many aspects of our existence, but because it points to us that everything, including our physical bodies, our thoughts, our words, our emotions, memories, etc., carry certain vibration, and that forces us to realize that we are actually responsible for everything that happens to us in our lives.

If you ever heard the phrase: “likes attract likes”, you can now make a connection from a vibratory point of view. David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., nationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, spiritual teacher and lecturer, wrote a book called “Power vs. Force.” In it he described how he came up with a scale of human consciousness, which maps out our life-view with emotions, on a scale from 20 to 1000. Where 20 is equal with Feeling of SHAME, MISERABLE Life-view, and corresponding to it vibration - Emotion of HUMILIATION. There are several points on that scale that show us how different emotions influence our energy vibration, which attract corresponding life-view and feelings that attract only events and situations to our lives, which vibrate within the SAME energetical frequency. The higher we go on the scale the more positive emotions we have, and the more positive our life experiences are.

In his early adolescent years, David R. Hawkins experienced spiritual awakening that completely changed the course of his life, putting him on a path, or rather a quest, devoted to the Spiritual evolution of mankind. In his book, he explored human consciousness and the implications of where we are at the moment, examining the meaning and understanding of Power vs. Force. According to his research POWER always comes from meaning, and is associated with that, which supports the significance of life itself. It is uplifting, dignified, noble. He concluded that Power is total and complete in itself, and does not require anything from outside. It makes no demands, it has no needs. It energizes, gives forth, supplies, and supports. It gives Life and Energy. Force on the other hand, always creates counterforce, polarity, conflict, defensiveness. It constantly moves against something, creating winners-losers, allies-enemies, it’s arguable and requires proof and support. It is costly. Hawkins gives us examples of those two in every aspect of our life: health, politics, marketplace, human attitudes, sports, arts, human Spirit, creativity, etc., etc. But what’s most important, he shows us the relation of our life patterns to our energy frequency, offering us the ability to consciously assess our lows and highs, and the opportunity to figure out how to attract things that are aligned with our dreams and desires. Giving us a glimpse of understanding that we are powerful Creators with immense Power of attracting everything that shows up in our life

When it comes to change, many of us desperately want to move out of our current life circumstances. We want to have time to spend doing things we enjoy. We want to attract financial abundance. We want to have more meaningful and loving relationships. We want to be accepted for who we are. And in our day-to-day lives we use a lot of force, trying to MAKE those changes come our way. Ironically, we keep complaining that “Law of Attraction” does not work. Only because what we see in our lives is not exactly what we are dreaming, asking, praying for. And I’m going to repeat the same sentence from the beginning – we do not make a connection between our own energy vibration and the energy of things that come our way. Because what we attract is not exactly what we want to have. The analogy here is simple – you cannot listen to the 98.5 FM radio station when you consistently tune into the 62.5 AM. Maybe to some this sounds totally crazy, but we are manifesting all the time, every day. Exactly the things that match our own energy frequency. In other words, you cannot attract anything positive if you only focus on problems and negative things.

The reason why we experience so many challenges now is simple. We are guided to the awareness of our own ability to CREATE. And anyone who is trying to manifest positive things in their life needs to understand that positive affirmations, self-talk, and other self-help methods do not work, if we have conflicting beliefs that run our life in the background. Affirmations and forced positivity that does not come from our authentic self, will never result in anything else other than frustration. Because we cannot force things to manifest. However, we have a power inside of us that can help us activate the feelings and attitudes, which are in the alignment with what we desire to have in life. The thing is, we need to accept the fact that we are Spiritual, energetic beings and that everything that comes into our life is a manifestation of our thoughts and beliefs.

Change is never easy. Even if we curse at our present life, it is something we grew accustomed to. It is a familiar thing and we can always find some circumstances to blame for our misfortunes. Quantum physics point to us that we are directly responsible for our own life situations, attracting what we put out into energy field around us. And implying that the only way to change our circumstances is by changing our vibrational frequency. That means, we need to let go of low vibrational feelings like shame, guilt, anger, hatred, judgement, and embrace forgiveness, acceptance, gratitude, joy, fun, happiness. I will probably sound like a broken record when I’ll say that our lives are not meant to be a suffering, and healing is not admitting that we are broken, but our journeys can be joyful and fun and meaningful when we let go of what we are NOT. When we stop reacting to our thoughts, and realize that we are not our feelings. When we look at our situations through a gratitude filter, and accept the benefits of the lessons that come our way.

At one time in our human history we used to believe that Earth was flat. People imagined hideous beasts and dark forces lurking at the edges of the Earth, and they feared unknown, until 16th century explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, crossed The Atlantic and The Pacific, returning to his starting point, proving that Earth has no flat edges to fall off from. Never mind that there were many ancient scholars from different countries and cultures thousand year before that historical event, who came to the same conclusion, and even calculated Earth’s circumference long before we knew and had instruments to verify it. The fact that those ideas were not widely accepted by the rest of the human population did not make the Earth flat, did it? The same is with Energy Healing and Universal Energy Field. Just because we still do not have the proper instruments and the knowledge to measure all of them does not meant that they do not exist or their influence on our life is less real.

The fact that our consciousness level is raising and we are becoming more aware of the truth that we create our reality, puts total responsibility for our actions on us. It makes us accountable for our own transformation that needs to start from raising our vibrational frequency, so we can evolve from despising and miserable beings governed by shame, guilt, and humiliation, into our perfect higher selves who are enlightened and live in pure consciousness and bliss. That’s the goal of our evolution, which may be as close as the next thought we choose, or as far away as unwillingness to overcome our limitations. We have all the tools we need to make a transition: intuition, meditation, and imagination. We have a power within that can support us all the way. Question is – how much do we want this? There are simple steps that only require our attention and discipline so we can disconnect from ever present fear, doubt, lack, negative feelings, and realize our true power, worth, and potential.

I want to believe that simplicity of this transformation will work like a magnet for those who are determined to “get it,” and make lasting, positive changes. Who will embrace the concept and will become the catalysts for a huge change that is yet to come about. Regardless of all the questions of our readiness, commitment to change, and conscious evolution, we should pause for a moment and figure out what we really want in our life and look at the reason why we want it. Because the answer is not always as clear as we would expect. And that’s the baby step that we could start now with. Or is it going to take us a few more centuries to accept the fact that we are vibrational energy attracting what we put out?

I guess you need to find the answer to that yourself.

The skillful are not obvious

They appear to be simple-minded

Those who know this know the patterns of the Absolute

To know the patterns is the Subtle Power

The Subtle Power moves all things & has no name.” ~ David R. Hawkins

“You are the pioneer of Spirit, alive in a world of your own creation” ~ Mike Dooley

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