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Return to "Normal"

By MartaR

A lot has been said about Mental Health especially in the past year. Now that we are closer than ever to return to our pre-Covid lives, we need to re-examine this term again.

Mental Health is a state of well-being. It is about “thriving”- enjoying life, having sense of purpose, and being able to manage life’s highs and lows. Mental Health is not about being happy and elated all the time. It is a constant flow and ability to deal with the stresses as well as with the happy moments. It is ability to remember that everyone of us experiences challenges in life, but they are always coming to an end and those challenges give us strength to deal with anything that comes our way further on.

One thing we can bet on in life is the flow and constant change which brings unknown, fears, & worries along the way. Even though we will see the economy and the world open-up again, the effects of pandemic on our mental health will last longer. Symptoms of trauma and stress-related disorders will not go away immediately after we are deemed fit to return to our “normal” lives, and many will experience anxiety or depression because of the upcoming changes and inability to know what to expect.

I remember, when several years ago I started to do my energy work and I stopped eating red meat & eliminated several things from my diet, it became apparent that my choices were questioned and not really accepted. Not everyone understood how those foods affected my energy, my overall health and ability to receive higher vibrations or connect to Source Energy; it was obvious that my choices were bothersome to my family. It wasn't uncommon that it was a butt of family jokes and at times I've heard a question: "why can't you just be normal again?" I stuck to what worked for me until it became "normal" to the rest of my family. Later on couple of them assimilated the same choices I made earlier, and they noticed how much their overall health and energy levels improved, but it wasn't always easy to stand my ground or have strength to stay focused on me and my objectives.

Before we return back to "NORMAL" we need to ask ourselves what our "normal" is? During past Covid months a lot has changed in our lives. We noticed that our priorities shifted and we want different things now.

And that's okay. We should ask ourselves what parts of our old "normal" we wish to resurrect, which parts we want to retire, and which parts we want to build for the very first time? We should ask ourselves if we choose isolation or connection, chains or freedom, self-defense or kindness, fear of love? Do we choose to stay unconscious or we want to awaken? Are we okay with coping mechanisms or choose change? We need to make a decision what future we want for ourselves and we should stick with it.

Knowing that we are not alone in this does not make it better, but it helps us heal at our own pace, remembering that everyone is unique and needs different amount of time to get back to “normal”. Thinking about what we want life to look like moving forward and be patient (having realistic expectations), helps us to keep control of what “normal” looks like and gives us clear idea what we want from life. Practicing mindfulness and continuing to make time for ourselves, paying attention to what or who we give our energy away to, will help us make this transition much easier one.

So, have self -compassion and be kind to yourself. Achieving and maintaining good mental health isn’t a one-person journey. It truly must be a joint effort in the family, workplace, and the community we live in. Surround yourself with supportive people who will keep encouraging you on your journey and will positively contribute to building your resilience, confidence and connection. But most of all, remember that mental health is about thriving – not just surviving. To achieve that we must be in balance, we must follow our own drum beat and stay focused on what works for us along with kindness, compassion and love for ourselves.

Stay true to yourself and create your new "normal" just as what you want it to look like.

With love and blessings,




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