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& What to expect from your REIKI Session

A Reiki practitioner creates a relaxing atmosphere to calm the body and mind by using meditative music with oriental and nature/water sounds, candles, and incense or essential oils. Clients are asked to lay down on a massage table, fully clothed, except for the shoes. During the Reiki session the practitioner will place their hands lightly on or above those areas of the body that correspond with Chakras.


The Practitioner then transfers high frequency energy through his or her hands, and by the gentle placement of hands on the physical body (or just above it) facilitates the rebalancing of the energy field, which helps to ease physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Each position is treated for three to ten minutes, depending on how much Reiki is needed by the client at each position. The whole treatment usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. 

Reiki Therapy is a non-regulated form of Energy Medicine. The advantages of Reiki Therapy are significant. It is a non-invasive form of therapy, it has no side effects, it does not require manual manipulation of the human body, and it is effective.

  • Anxiety management

  • Pain management

  • Depression treatment

  • Improvement of symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 

  • Improvement in Heart Rate Variability in patients recovering from acute coronary syndrome

  • Treating drug and alcohol addictions

  • Relaxation 

  • Reducing anxiety, nausea and pain during pregnancy

  • Treating acute illnesses such as musculoskeletal injury, pain, headache, acute infections and asthma

  • Reducing chemotherapy side effects  

  • Enhancing the immune response

  • Improved quality of life during palliative care

  • Improvement in spleen, lymphatic and nervous system function in patients with multiple sclerosis, lupus, fibromyalgia and thyroid disorder, as well as better management of symptoms in patients with AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, and sleep disorders

  • Assuring faster recovery after surgery

  • Improvement in patients with Multiple Sclerosis 

  • Reducing the need of medication

Reiki helps people experience the following benefits:


Your first visit to Divine Frequencies is always 90 min. Alongside the Reiki session, it will also include a consultation, an interview to determine your needs and expectations, and additional time to address any concerns or questions that you might have.  

After the initial visit, Reiki sessions are $110 for 60 minutes and $130 for 90 minutes. For those clients interested in coming back for multiple sessions, we offer a reward program, where you'll receive 50% off the regular price for every 5th session, and customers able to refer five new clients to Divine Frequencies, will receive a session free of charge. Session bundles of 3 and 5, for a reduced price, are also available - please see below! 

Divine Frequencies Reiki Therapy is located in Calgary, Alberta and each session is by appointment. If you're unable to visit my studio, other arrangements can be made (Distant Reiki Session option). 

  • Each REIKI Session for children and students is 50% off the regular price, based on its length.

  • 60 minute REIKI Session: $110

  • 90 minute REIKI Session: $130

  • Distant REIKI Session: $65

  • REWARDS PROGRAM: Receive 50% OFF the regular price for every 5th Reiki session AND/OR Refer five new clients to Divine Frequencies, and you'll receive a session free of charge!*

*Your free session can be booked after your referral's first visit to Divine Frequencies. 





Please Note: Evening & Weekend Appointments are available - please phone for availability!

"If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.``- MAYA ANGELOU

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