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Reiki – panacea for all of our life’s troubles?

“Energy work is priceless. It makes every day extraordinary and transforms the mundane to the holy.” ~ Silvia Hartmann

I wanted to write about Reiki, for several reasons. First and foremost because it had a huge impact in transforming my life, from that of fear, pain, doubt, and lack to trust, gratitude, and strength.

Many people who get into Energy Healing and decide to be of service to others have a story about how Reiki made an impact on their lives, which made them decide to share Reiki with others afterwards. Or because they experienced something very powerful in their lives before they became certified in Reiki. I belong to that second group.

For many years I was drawn to holistic healing, natural remedies for common ailments, essential oils, herbs, etc., etc. I was growing up as an empathic child trying to save everyone around me from suffering and pain. Taking on other people’s burden and suffering for them. I was always having the “knowing” about things that was coming to me like a “download”, automatically, without thinking about them. And if I was asked where did I know it from, my usual answer was: “I don’t know”. The major catalyst in my spiritual journey happened 24 years ago when my mom passed away. At that time there were many things happening in my life: I was a newcomer to Canada, I was a new mom to a baby with some health issues, I didn’t know that my mom is battling cancer until it was too late, and I could not deal with all of it without feeling like my life was turning upside down.

I was given a book of Louise Hay “You can heal your life” and I could swear that it was written for me. Once I finished it I was on a path to finding the answers to ALL of my questions that I had about life, death, Spirit, our human nature, the power of our mind, our purpose, Universe, life itself, etc. Along the way I had many experiences that only proved the existence of spiritual world, until few years ago when I had a very profound one, which made me decide that I need to become certified in Energy Healing and share its amazing power with others.

I have to say that I witnessed many things happen during Reiki sessions with clients:

  • healing of some physical conditions that were deemed hopeless by doctors,

  • connecting my clients with their loved ones who passed away,

  • healing their grief and changing their perception and fear of death,

  • clearing emotional issues that were “clogging” my clients’ ability to fully experience joy and peace,

  • clearing mental fog and fear of the future,

  • relaxing beyond the ordinary relaxation, when they could experience connection with the Light

  • past life regression

  • eliminating physical pain

  • awakening their own spiritual awareness and intuition

  • empowering them and making them realize that they have their own voice and strength

to just name a few. Every time I am grateful for being a part of my clients’ experience, which brings me new awareness and understanding that serve as guidance for me and my client.

Every session is different, and it is an incredible gift. It brings a realization that we all have our most traumatic events imprinted in our energy centers, which are waiting “dormant” until they have an opportunity to surface and be healed. But most of all it is always a surprising discovery that we are holding onto so much burden that it’s no wonder that our lives are full of suffering and pain. What’s worse, we are not aware of the ways that could help us release all of that gunk that has hold on our happiness, our ability to love, our ability to forgive, and our ability to enjoy our “ride” here on Earth. It also brings proof of our spiritual nature along with the fact that we have many Light Beings around us, who are ready to help us any time with anything that we experience in life, as long as we acknowledge them and ask for their help.

I have to say that Energy Healing is not for everyone. Simply because some of us expect a miracle and an instant relief of their condition, instead of the information about what holds us back, and what we need to pay attention to. We’ve got used to giving away our power over our bodies and our lives to others. And the fact that we need to be mindful of what we think and say puts a fear of failure, blame, or shame on us, in case we are not “successful” in dealing with our “baggage”. Only those who see benefits of learning about the reasons behind their conditions, and who are ready to accept the fact that all dis-ease begins in our mind and emotions before it manifests in our physical bodies years later, will be empowered by seeing the gifts that Energy Healing brings to their lives. In each case every session brings us miracle – connection to the most powerful force of all – Source Energy, that we can feel and experience in different ways.

Our true nature is wholeness, love, and happiness and when our soul is determined to heal, the body follows and we see miracles happen. Energy Healing brings plenty of those around if we are ready to see them in our lives, and Reiki is like a touch of The Divine that has a power to transform anything in our lives. Surrendering to this Power is different than giving up. It means letting go of the struggle, need of fixing, forcing cure or change and allowing The Light do the work for us, while we open our mind, body, and soul to accept it. If you are wondering what it can do for you, come over for a session and find out for yourself.

“Energy is everything – It’s the essence of life!” ~ Ramana Pemmaraju

“By opening blockages in the energy pathways and reawakening our innate ability to sense energy flow, we can recover our health and natural balance. When we develop sensitivity to Ki, we will be able to reach our body's potential.” ~ Ilchi Lee, Meridian Exercise For Self Healing

With Love and Blessings,

MartaR. - Divine Frequencies Reiki Therapy

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