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Influence – The Power of Change

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” ~ William Shakespeare

I bet as a child you had one teacher that you adored. He or she would be the opposite of strict, glum, and the sullen teacher that never cracked a smile, or made learning fun, never letting you enjoy the subject. The teacher that influenced you; and I don’t care how old you are now, you still remember him/her like you were in their classroom yesterday. Those awesome teachers were just that – awesome. They would allow you do things in a class that no other teacher allowed (like eating snack or chew gum). They were warm and positive, opened to any suggestion that helped you learn. You felt like you were the most important kid in the entire school. They were always inviting and non-judgemental, ready to listen and offer support & comfort, no matter what the problem was. They would stand in your defence and allow you to have fun. Those were the teachers that never raised their voice but everyone hung onto each sentence they were saying. You simply admired them for being “different”, because at that time this quality allowed you to love who you were. Allowed you to be proud and motivated simply, because they would accept you the way you were. You did not have to hide your passions. You were not ashamed to share your deepest dreams. You felt like in their presence you could achieve anything, even the impossible! That person was your best role model and to this day you think about them with deep respect and sentiment.

Did you ever think that your adult life would be difficult? That you would lose your passion, and when you go back to those childhood dreams, you label them and yourself as “naïve” or idealistic? Do you live your life based on 8-5 job, which may be far from satisfying, and you are in a relationship that no longer feels “the same” as in the beginning? Have you ever thought that your dreams and desires would fade away? Probably not. Because no one wants a life that has no future. And living without your dreams is basically like waiting for that next thing that is going to go wrong.

But wait a minute...have you noticed that when Friday comes and you are about to go out with friends, and plan on doing something fun together, your energy changes? You get all excited and look forward to a good time. You are expecting that the event is going to be positive, not because you will eat at a fancy place but because the energy of the close friends enjoying your company lifts your mood. You feel relaxed, enthusiastic, calm and even the silliest thing brings on the bouts of laughter and you boost each other’s energy. Do you know why? Because no one cares what job assignment you are working on, how much money you have in the bank, or what your recent failure was. All everyone cares about is sharing this positivity and uplifting energy.

If you want your life to be that great all the time, engage in something that will be rewarding not just on a material/financial scale, but also on a spiritual - “feel good” level. Even the smallest, and most random acts of kindness can make you feel like something inside of you cannot contain the smile and you want to jump. Because those acts of kindness touch directly into your compassionate heart, which in turn makes you lighter, joyful and proud.

If you ever have a hard time dealing with the everyday rat-race, take the time to meet with great, fun loving people that care about you. Find a way to tap into that hidden well of compassion, let it spill over your entire being and bath in it. Then dig out those childhood dreams and get excited, all over again.

Imagine how happy and ecstatic they made you feel and make them come true! Take a step onto that path that will unleash your inner child. Claim your innocence – where there is no fear, no judgement, no “impossibles,” no limits. Or become the person who inspires others and makes them believe that they are the most powerful, confident, good looking, boundless, and accomplished being on the planet. Give one person wings and hope that they can fly & watch them soar! You will never find a better feeling of humble joy that will flood your heart, that has a power to lift you out of any gloom. Become a miracle worker and your life will change irrevocably. You will be admired forever, just like your favorite teacher!

Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud. ~Maya Angelou

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. ~Aesop

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