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“Mirror work” by Louise Hay - Book Review

My spiritual journey started 23 years ago when my dearest mother passed away. At that time, I was a newcomer to Canada, a new mom, and new to a very real pain - grief. At that time I was also thousands of miles away from this one person that gave birth to me, one who always loved me, and who was also my closest friend. I did not want to accept the fact that she was no longer here, that I would never have the opportunity to say goodbye, or to tell her the things I did not say, or to introduce her to my baby, or to share joys and sorrows. I was devastated and did not know how to cope with the immense amount of blame I was putting on myself, because I wasn’t there when it happened, because I could not turn back time, because…

There were so many things I was blaming myself for, it was hard to go on and be the mom I wanted to be for my child. I did not know how to let go of all those negative emotions, until my uncle told me about Louise Hay's book, “You can heal your life." I must say, this book helped me transform a lot of pain and negativity, and gave me the understanding of how powerful we are and how we can heal ourselves by taking simple steps to release all that hinders us from being happy.

Oftentimes we put conditions on our happiness, joy, love, abundance, opportunities. We believe we need to lose 5 pounds, or get a diploma, or get an approval of our circle of friends/family, or we put some other condition on ourselves before we could be happy, get a better job, find that perfect partner. And this in fact makes us even more miserable and unmotivated. But … there is Louis Hay, who loves putting her incredible ideas on paper, and giving them to us to practice and improve our lives.

In her book “Mirror work” she did it again. Besides explaining to us how our thoughts influence our lives, and how each thought is an affirmation, which if repeated all the time brings us what we focus on, she also offers 21 meditations to go along with 21 exercises. One for each day. She calls them mirror work, because those exercises are done if front of a mirror. And surprisingly, instead of calling them fun affirmation she calls it WORK. Do you know why? Because of the fact that WE have very hard time telling ourselves the POSITIVE things while looking ourselves right in the eye, facing ourselves in the mirror.

But if you are willing to take a chance on you, and examine your self-talk, quiet your inner critic, forgive those who have hurt you, let go of past fears, and release old beliefs and negative thought patterns – this is a book for you! Because by taking this 21-day challenge you are pealing the layers of lies, false beliefs, and uncovering the deeply hidden treasures and strengths in YOU that can equip you with tools to conquer anything by simply looking yourself in the eye, and reminding yourself that you ARE WORTH LOVING. Get it, try it, re-claim your life and I promise you, you will never look in that mirror with a frown again!

If you like e-books you can get Kindle Edition on Amazon for only $1.99 or paperback for $14.44

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