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reiki calgary


Divine Frequencies


Divine Frequencies is a Reiki Therapy based in Calgary, Alberta. My mission is to use my gifts and help YOU awaken to your true power, by balancing your energy field and removing emotional and spiritual traumas. We all have stories that helped us become who we are now. However, beyond those stories there is an incredible strength and wisdom that resides within. Reiki can help you access and use it.  


I offer personalized, compassionate, judgement-free support, and through my Reiki practice, I assist my clients in creating a life that is free from guilt, self-deception, anger, pain, grief and stress. Followed by self-discovery and a realization that we are here to live the life of joy. 

If you are searching for a life of balance, finding your true potential, want to rediscover your personal power I am just a phone call away. Divine Frequencies   Reiki can be the answer to your quest. 

My favorite quote: 

"Your real power is universal power expressed through you. The greater your connection to the universal source of All That Is, the greater is your personal power." ~ Leslie Fieger


   If YOU are ready to transform your life do it NOW.                  If not now, WHEN will be a good time?

reiki calgary

"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the universe, deserve your love and attention." - BUDDHA

reiki calgary

"I had never been for a Reiki session until I met Marta Rabiej. Her genuine care for my wellbeing was incredible. Not only was my overall experience amazing, but the time and care she took to explain Reiki helped me feel comfortable with the process. As a severe anxiety sufferer, I have never felt more at peace in my own skin as I did after each Reiki session with Marta." - Rosanne 


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